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P0302 jeep grand cherokee 2014

The update also includes new exterior lighting, resculpted front and rear styling, and an updated interior. It features a block of compacted graphite iron and aluminum twin-cam heads. Basic specs for the degree six include common-rail injection, downstream emissions treatment via urea, a That last move is one we applaud, as we had problems with the five-speed auto in our long-term V-6 Grand Cherokee.

Output ratings have the sort of relationship typical of diesels: decent horsepower at and impressive torque at lb-ft. The grunt is enough to imbue the diesel Grand Cherokee with the same towing capacities— pounds with rear-wheel drive, with four-wheel drive—as those of the 5. Of perhaps equal importance, of course, are fuel-economy ratings. The range is said to be more than miles. At idle, this Grand Cherokee further puts to rest old stereotypes about diesel engines.

And the torque is great fun; it provides instant punch for day-to-day dicing in traffic. The Grand Cherokee drives pretty much the same as did the prerefresh model, which means a comfy ride, a serene cabin, a generous dollop of body roll, a stiff platform, and a refined demeanor. As for the diesel, the transition for anyone trading in a Hemi model would be seamless. As nice as the Pentastar V-6 can be, the diesel and the V-8 have far more authority off the line weak launch skills were among the few complaints lodged against our long-term V For most buyers, choosing between the torquier engines will be a flip of the coin, although the increased range and less-frequent fill-ups of the diesel might prove irresistible, especially for those who live in snowier climes.

Urea for the diesel is carried in an eight-gallon tank. It is replenished via a filler located behind the fuel door and next to the filler for the diesel fuel. A full load of urea should last about 10, miles; this aligns with recommended service intervals so the dealer can top it up. The mix of But no one ever said being fuel conscious would be cheap.

But the up- and downsides are common knowledge to the classic diesel fan. We eagerly await, however, take-rate figures for the Grand Cherokee diesel among those who have been gasoholics.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From First Drives.Sometimes friends and family can be annoying and your opinion of them momentarily changes. But if you like a person enough, those little annoyances fade and don't permanently affect your feelings. Likewise, my relationship with our long-term Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk has at times been tainted by small annoyances, but in the end it always swings back to the fact that I really like it.

I enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking, and the Cherokee is the perfect size to fit everything my wife and I need for an active weekend while leaving ample room for our spoiled dog to take up the entire rear seat. With the Technology group, the Cherokee was outfitted with all sorts of cool and helpful vehicle aids.

Some of the more notable features included parking assist, which steers the car into a parallel or perpendicular spot as you control the brake, adaptive cruise control, and LaneSense, Jeep 's lane departure warning, which provides haptic feedback through the steering wheel and auditory warnings if you began to drift in your lane.


Our tester also came with a forward collision warning system that engages the brakes if a collision is imminent.

This particular feature came in handy on my drive home one evening when the traffic came to a standstill right as I was checking my blind spot to change lanes. Unfortunately, the system would also kick in every morning as I backed into our office's parking spot and the car thought it necessary to save me from the concrete pillar that I always park next to.

You would think that after most of a year, I would remember to turn the feature off before starting to park. You would be wrong. In one of his first updates, Rory wrote about off-road-capable SUVs being an underused segment, and although I didn't spend every weekend on the trail, I did manage to take the Jeep off-road on a number occasions. Like Rory, I was impressed by how easily the little four-wheeler handled rough terrain and steep inclines.

It seemed like everyone else on the trail was confused about why or how we were able to be off-roading in the Cherokee. We don't normally see cars like that out here," exclaimed one friendly passerby on a dirt bike. Thank you for the concern, but the Trailhawk is doing just fine.

We're sorry.

The off-road capability was also the reason the Cherokee felt a little special. The knobby tires, the exposed red tow hooks, and slightly higher ride height made me feel like I was driving something a little more capable than the guy next to me in the Honda CR-Vand I was. One of the first things I did when I took over long-term duties on the Trailhawk was to take it on a long road trip through Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

It was on this trip that I realized how comfortable our Cherokee really is. A combination of good ride quality, supportive seats, a good stereo, and adaptive cruise control made the Trailhawk an excellent long-haul road tripper.

The one demerit I would give the Jeep is for the Even without a trailer in tow a really cool off-road teardrop from Off The Grid Rentalsa mile tank was rare. I realize these two might not be obvious competitors, but name another Vpowered small SUV that is as off-road-focused as the Trailhawk.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Long-Term Verdict

Now onto those small annoyances I alluded to. Along with the standard service items such as oil changes and tire rotations, the Jeep had its fair share of visits to the dealer.

The original issue was a recall of the adaptive cruise control module, followed up by three transmission reflashes, including one because the ECU had lost communication with the gearbox while photographer Julia LaPalme was driving back from a photo shoot.

We also had a hidden inline fuse in the dealer-installed tow electronics burn out during our Colorado road trip, but I blame that more on the mechanic who installed it and the one who misdiagnosed it.

Take my word for it: Get the tow package from the factory.

p0302 jeep grand cherokee 2014

When it's installed at the factory, you get an upgraded alternator, integrated electronics, an auxiliary transmission cooler, and a Class III receiver hitch with seven- and four-pin hookups. Oh, and the door handle fell off during a ski trip, and I had to argue with the dealer to get them to fix it under warranty.Grand Cherokee capability leaves nothing behind. Available all-weather prowess and an available Best-In-Class maximum towing capacity of 7, pounds combine to guide you in your restless pursuit of more.

From an available Best-in-Class towing capacity of 7, pounds to its legendary available 4x4 capability, Grand Cherokee has power and strength in its DNA. The Grand Cherokee has the strength to take on almost anything thanks to an available maximum towing capacity of up to 7, pounds. The changing seasons are no match for the Grand Cherokee and its available all-weather capabilities. Explore the off-road optimized features that equip Trailhawk with the grit to get up and go.

Bold red tow hooks provide superb functionality as well as a striking appearance. The five key areas of Trail Rated testing are traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation and water fording.

Power, efficiency and torque. The Grand Cherokee engines have everything you need to fuel your passion for adventure. Performance, efficiency and fun—get more of it every day with the 3. When the vehicle comes to a stop, it cuts fuel flow and turns off the engine for maximum efficiency. It also delivers up to horsepower and can tow up to 6, pounds. The available 5. Fuel saving technology automatically deactivates four cylinders for added maximum efficiency when all eight are not necessary.

The 6. High-strength, forged-alloy pistons, powder-forged connecting rods and sodium-cooled exhaust valves all add to the track-bred power of the Supercharged 6. Not only does it go from mph in 3. Skip to main content. Shopping Tools. Menu Main Menu. Main Menu. Skip to main navigation. Disclosure Always drive within your ability and experience level and consistent with conditions. Actual mileage may vary. See dealer for details.

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Relative movement in the Power Transfer Unit PTU between the differential input splines and the transmission output shaft may cause some input spline teeth to wear off, which may eventually cause a loss of engagement between the transmission and the differential inside the PTU.

If this occurs, power cannot be transferred between the front wheels and the transmission which results in a loss of drive while the vehicle is in motion and a loss of the Park function while stationary. Consequence Summary: A loss of drive can cause a vehicle crash without prior warning. A loss of the Park function can cause unintended vehicle rollaway which can increase the risk of a crash or injury.

Corrective Summary: FCA US LLC will notify owners, and dealers will perform a software update that will maintain vehicle propulsion by engaging rear wheel drive and prevent rolling in Park by activating the electronic parking brake if a failed input spline occurs. This recall began July 14, FCA's number for this recall is W In the event that a clutch becomes stuck in the transmission, the transmission software may shift the transmission to neutral.

Consequence Summary: An unexpected shift to neutral would result in a loss of drive, increasing the risk of crash. Corrective Summary: Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will update the transmission software, free of charge. The recall began August 8, Owners may contact Chrysler customer service at Chrysler's number for this recall is V These vehicles are being recalled to address a defect that could prevent the cruise control system from disengaging. If, when using cruise control, there is a short circuit within the vehicle's wiring, the driver may not be able to shut off the cruise control either by depressing the brake pedal or manually turning the system off once it has been engaged, resulting in either the vehicle maintaining its current speed or possibly accelerating.

Consequence Summary: If the vehicle maintains its speed or accelerates despite attempts to deactivate the cruise control, there would be an increased risk of a crash. Corrective Summary: Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the software, and perform a software flash on the engine or powertrain control module, free of charge.

The recall began June 4, Note: Owners are advised to stop using cruise control until the software update has been performed. In the event that cruise control cannot be disengaged while driving, owners should firmly and steadily apply the brakes and shift the transmission to neutral, placing the vehicle in park once it has stopped. These extinguishers may become clogged, preventing the extinguisher from discharging as expected or requiring excessive force to activate the extinguisher.

Additionally, in certain models, the nozzle may detach from the valve assembly with enough force that it could cause injury and also render the product inoperable. Corrective Summary: Chrysler will notify owners instructing them to contact Kidde for a replacement fire extinguisher, free of charge.

The recall began February 14, Owners may contact Chrysler customer service at or Kidde customer service service toll-free ator online at www. Chrysler's number for this recall is T The seat fasteners on the first or second row seats may not have been tightened to the proper torque specification. Consequence Summary: Loose fasteners may allow the seats to move, increasing the risk of injury to the seat occupants in the event of a crash.

Corrective Summary: Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will replace the seats or seat sets, free of charge.The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a big deal to parent company Chrysler.

p0302 jeep grand cherokee 2014

The Grand Cherokee is the automaker's second-best-seller, right behind the Ram pickup truck. Chrysler has given the Grand Cherokee a pretty significant update for The biggest change comes under the hood, with the addition of a new turbodiesel 3. With a big fuel tank, the " EcoDiesel " Grand Cherokee is capable of covering about miles in one go on the highway.

The Grand Cherokee's base engine is a 3. New forall Grand Cherokee's are paired with an eight-speed auto. WE gave it the win because of its excellent driving dynamics, comfortable interior, and fuel economy. We summed the Grand Cherokee up thusly: "Capability, character, class, and content. The hallmarks of a winner. Forthe Jeep Grand Cherokee gets a new diesel engine as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Grand Cherokee also gets a revised d front- and rear-fascia, and a complete interior re-design, which features a new infotainment system, a reconfigurable instrument panel, and high-quality leather and wood. There are big changes in store for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Aside from the face-lift, and revised interior, the Grand Cherokee's 3. Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Other years: Fair Market Price:?

The actual transaction price depends on many variables from dealer inventory to bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation. See All Specs.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Expert Review motortrendauthor. Base V-6 feels a bit pokey Hemi V-8 fuel economy Though a bargain compared to its rivals, it can get pricey. Expand All Vehicle Overview.

p0302 jeep grand cherokee 2014

American alternative to Land Rover. All Model YearsStella Ardens (8) 11. Saint Helena (14) 8.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel V-6

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